2014 highlights

In 2014, the Masters' Symposium featured special guest lectures that included a tour de force on facial transplantation; as well as a live cadaver dissection course showcasing cutting edge new surgical techniques and pioneering research in the field. Invited speakers included leading surgeons from around the world and from all specialties.




Social Events

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Robert Goldberg
Dr. Michael Groth

Dr. Brian Leatherbarrow
Dr. Guy Massry

Dr. Mario Pelle-Ceravolo
Dr. Julian Pribaz


Dr. Fusheng Chang
Dr. Holly Chang
Dr. Yip Chee Chew
Dr. Catherine Hwang

Dr. Hirohiko Kakizaki
Dr. Safi Kang
Dr. Wendy Lee
Dr. Alan Lessner

Dr. Ronald Mancini
Dr. Harry Marshak
Dr. Tanuj Nakra
Dr. Sean Paul

Dr. Sean Paul
Dr. Paul Rosser
Dr. Robert Schwarcz
Dr. Choo Chai Teck
Dr. Simon Woodruff


Dr. Arj Ananda
Dr. Benjamin Burt
Dr. Peter Calan
Dr. Paul Gerarchi

Dr. Raf Ghabrial
Dr. Richard Harvey
Dr. George Marcells
Dr. Dinesh Selva

Dr. Tim Steele
Dr. Adam Sheridan
Dr. Simon Taylor
Dr. Angelo Tsirbas